Our workshop Helping players sound their best

The foundation of our business is the workshop;

Our goal is to help musicians sound their best;

Our passion is to understand your instrument;

Our care means working to the highest standards and using techniques and tools which have stood the test of time.

Our workshop provides a wide range of services, including:

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    Free: Inspection and assessment, straightening up the bridge, and a knowledgeable interest in your instrument.
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    Simple: Changing strings, minor setup, cleaning and polishing, changing accessories
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    Normal Maintenance: Adjusting or making a new bridge and soundpost, fingerboard planing, fitting tuning pegs, including Wittner Fine-tune pegs, re-gluing open seams, touching up varnish
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    In-depth Repairs: Projection correction, fingerboard replacement, and interior work--gluing cracks and fitting new bass bars
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    Major Repairs and Restoration: Patching soundpost cracks and pegboxes, neck resetting, grafting, rib reshaping, varnish restoration

The proper setup of your instrument is of the highest importance for its performance and ease of playing. The professional knows this; and the beginner will soon find out what a difference it makes. Let us get it right for you. We balance our drive for excellence with practicality, keeping rates reasonable so that an instrument that's a joy to play is possible for everyone.

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Our Luthier

Luthier David Baker has spent over 20 years training under the keen eye of the world-renowned master Hans J. Nebel. Mr. Nebel is a fourth generation violinmaker, and has been at the forefront of the field of authentic and artistic violin restoration for over 50 years. Mr. Baker spent the first thirty-three years of his career in historic restoration and conservation of old buildings, and now he applies the same eye for detail, exacting standards and delight in problem-solving to bringing old instruments back to life. Mr. Baker is also a member of the VSA, the Violin Society of America.

Please call ahead (802) 254-4425 to schedule a convenient time to bring in your instrument, and we will discuss options for repair and restoration.